Seven Stories is Britain’s National home for children’s literature.

We have built a new national archive that contains the manuscripts and artwork of over 270 authors and illustrators, saving this precious literary heritage for future generations to enjoy. Our exhibitions and creative activities showcase this extraordinary material in immersive ways that encourage children, young people and families to play, read, learn and be inspired. Our learning and engagement work with schools and in communities builds reading confidence, literacy skills and promotes creative expression. We reach marginalised communities, working collaboratively to engage disadvantaged young people, vulnerable families and to support children with disabilities & special educational needs to take part.

Over the years that The Shears Foundation have been supporting Seven Stories, our learning work has grown beyond our first expectations in its reach and variety. This is due in no small part to the belief and flexibility that your grant has provided – allowing us to test new ideas, and grow and develop the successful ones. The Foundation recognised the potential of Seven Stories when it was a novel emerging proposition and have supported our journey since then. We are tremendously grateful for your trust and encouragement which has benefited many thousands of children and young people in our region.